About Sandra Phinney: Photo Portfolio

Sandra Phinney writes stories and takes pictures. She lives on the edge of the Tusket River in Nova Scotia, Canada. (Her home is in the forest and off the grid. She and her husband, Barrie MacGregor, built this home and are powered up with solar. The roof is still standing and their marriage survived.)

Sandra’s had a few former lives including teaching and social work. Then she farmed for 18 years, growing organic vegetables. After loosing money for 17 of those 18 years, she sold the farm and started over. Now, instead of driving a tractor and growing vegetables, Sandra wields a camera and harvests stories. Her feature profiles, lifestyle and travel articles have appeared in over 60 publications and she’s won a few writing/photography awards that have kept her humble.

To satisfy her craving to teach, she gives writing workshops on various topics including narrative, writing memoir, how to start a freelance business and travel writing.

Sandra is a member of the Professional Writer’s Association of Canada, The Travel Media Association of Canada, the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, the Canadian Association of Journalists and Canadian Freelance Union. In her spare time she practices Tai Chi and does wilderness canoeing.